Dominique Trudel

Dr. Dominique Trudel is Genitourinary and molecular pathologist in the department of pathology of CHUM research center and an Associate Clinical Professor in the department of Pathology and Cell Biology at University of Montreal. Dr. Trudel obtained her MD in medicine in 2005, MSc in experimental medicine in 2004, Diploma in anatomic pathology in 2011, and PhD in experimental medicine in 2014 all from Laval University in Quebec, Canada. Additionally, she holds a Fellow degree in clinician-scientist in molecular oncologic pathology from University Health Network in Toronto, Canada. Her research projects are mainly categorized in characterization of ductal carcinoma of the prostate (an aggressive entity of prostate cancer) and Integration of Raman spectroscopy in the clinical setting. Dr. Trudel was the recipient of four scholarships and plenty of awards.