Established in 2018

Founded by Professor Frédéric Leblond in 2018, OptiMaL is an optical research platform associated with the TransMedTech Institute. After around 2 years of establishing a solid research niche, OptiMaL platform is becoming a core facility of the CHUM research center (CRCHUM). We have been successfully involved in various multidisciplinary projects in collaboration with pioneering companies and research organizations. Our team is composed of 2 professors, 3 research professionals and 5 postdoctoral fellows with a broad range of expertise. We have a wide variety of spectroscopic instruments capable of analysing from the macro to the micro scale. We aim to use our skills in optical instrumentation and data analysis to boost discoveries and enhance technology transfer in clinical research, surgical guidance, and biomedical imaging.

Dominique Trudel, MD, PhD, Co-Leader

Alireza Akbarzadeh, PhD

Myriam Mahfoud
Science Admin Support

Israel Veilleux
Core Scientist

Féryel Azzi
Core Scientist

Frédérick Dallaire, PhD
Core Scientist

Arthur Plante, PhD
Core Scientist

Katherine Ember, PhD
Core Scientist

Amélie St-Georges-Robillard, PhD, Core Scientist


Using light to discover new biomedical phenomena and improve healthcare is our passion. We are equipped with all the key elements to conduct original and practical research in bio-photonics. Based on our diverse expertise and years of experience in this field, we have been working with world-class groups and pioneering companies to help the growth of their medical technologies.  


To pave the way to a world with affordable, accessible and accurate medical diagnostics and treatment.


  • In OptiMaL, we strongly believe in delivering based on integrity, knowledge, creativity, and hard work.
  • The platform is highly against any type of discrimination concerning gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, cultural and socio-economical background, and physical disability.