platform of biomedical optics and machine learning

Professional services to support your research and development in biomedical optics!

We offer:

  • Consultancy including optical design, acquisition, and interpretation
  • Spectroscopy, imaging, and bio-photonic instrumentation
  • Training decision support biomedical systems and data analysis
  • Pathological and biofluidic analyses

What is OptiMaL?

OptiMaL is an optical spectroscopy platform affiliated with the CRCHUM in Montreal, which aims to assist pioneering research and enhance technology transfer in bio-photonics and imaging, optical instrumentation, data analysis, and clinical studies. Currently, OptiMaL consists of 2 established research professors and 8 innovative young scientists with expertise in optics, engineering, machine learning, biochemistry, histology and biochemistry. With years of experience and top-tier papers in radiological optics and tumor detection which are globally recognised by research communities, OptiMaL is in an extremely strong position to assist in optical instrument design. The lab welcomes  requests and collaborations from interested researchers in various areas of biomedical optics, spectroscopy, and data analysis.

Admin team

Leader: Prof. Frederic Leblond

Manager: Alireza Akbarzadeh

Science admin: Myriam Mahfoud

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